DesiLiterature Alive! is an organisation within Second Life created by my close friend Desideria Stockton. Although I work with other people, I work closely with Desi on developing immersive learning environments - in fact many of the projects listed on the projects page are actually Literature Alive! projects, although not all of them - I do work with other people too.

The relationship with Desi is far from a typical client-content creator relationship however, which is part of the reason Literature Alive! is listed here, as a partnership. For one thing I am, formally, a part of the Literature Alive! and provide teaching as well as content creation and scripting services to the classes. Secondly, we work together, as partners, rather than client-hired hand. We will throw ideas around, beat them until they're into a shape we like and then work out how to build them and deliver them. We bring, as in any good partnership, shared values but different skills to the table, and between them we deliver high quality content that meets the educational needs of the learner and uses Second Life and its strengths to achieve this in a way that is as transparent to the learner (our learners are often also new to Second Life) as is possible.

We have a widget for blogger users to add a link to our site available. If you would like to use this, please click the button below!

Literature Alive! also has its own blog, although we are sadly rather bad about updating it, as I tend to write for my blog, and used to write for as well and Desi writes for her own blog too.

Literature Alive! is also associated with the Second Life Links tool on Facebook (both Desi and I use Facebook, although I only do so very intermittently). If you would like to add a widget to link to SL Links use this button:

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