Salamander logoSaLamander is a project led by Jonathon Richter of the University of Oregon. Some time ago he approached me about working in partnership, looking for a way to harvest information about locations and activities in Second Life and their educational content, according to the MERLOT tags, so that they could be easily introduced into a wiki and made available to all.

I recommended we bring in a third party: Sloog was an existing HUD in Second Life, tied to a database and map application on the web which allowed you to tag locations and add them to the database where they could be searched. Given the resources available were minimal, this approach saved a lot of time and effort all round since it used existing technology rather than developing it in parallel.

My role was, overall, quite small in this partnership - although an important one. I married together the reporting systems for and the MERLOT descriptors to guide users through the process to generate a new descriptor with all the tags on it. Nevertheless this could well be a big project, not limited to Second Life and providing a coherent folksonomy for educators everywhere.

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