Autoplay systemThe idea behind the autoplay system arose, as quite a few of my products do, from a request from an individual who wanted something that would let him run presentations in Second Life without actually being present. The idea is fairly simple - you prepare a presentation: words, pictures and sounds, and then you code this into a notecard (there is very little coding, an indicator for the images and sounds to indicate they should be played rather than spoken, the speech is just written directly into the card. When ready, people can touch the screen to start a presentation that will play itself through and then stop. It will display the images and play the sounds at the appropriate times.

Of course the scripting has a couple of extra twiddles in it to make it work nicely. For example, the system pauses between each line. The pauses are, as standard, dependent on the length of the utterance - it makes reading the lines easier, because you get a bit longer to read a longer line than a shorter one. In addition to this you can adjust the speed of the reading: imagine you are presenting a complex diagram - you can make the reader slow right down for a few lines to let people examine the diagram carefully.

The help card for this system is actually a presentation in and of itself. Below is the edited version of this: I've left it intact, but chosen to present it as a bulleted list for clarity.

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