I create a range of educational products within Second Life. Pricing on these can appear complicated, but there are some simple guidelines.

  1. If the item will be exclusively for your use, I charge as a normal project.
  2. If, in my opinion, the product will sell to a range of users, I charge you something around the sale price of the object in L$. This is often less that L$500.
  3. If you wish to provide the product freely, I will offer you a significant discount on the price. Although this is throat cutting in some respects, I try to balance the need to keep a roof over my head with my desire to support open access to learning, which includes to learning tools.

Products available include:

Item - link to discussionAvailable on XStreetSL?Available on apez?
Assessment ToolBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Assignment Noteboard Buy via Apez
Autoplay SystemBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Big Quiz Rezzer - randomBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Big Quiz Rezzer - structured Buy via Apez
Bullet PointerBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Cattle Puppy slide Buy via Apez
Country-style school desk with drawer Buy via Apez
Country-style school desk Buy via Apez
Cube of Fortune Buy via Apez
DAB RadioBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Data-display and spidergram plannerBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Evaluation Survey Tool Buy via Apez
Filing Cabinets Buy via Apez
Grammar QuizBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Key Grabber Buy via Apez
Media Screen (1S, 1M, 1L)Buy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Media Screen (5S, 5M, 5L) Buy via Apez
Media Screen (1L) Buy via Apez
Media Screen (10L) Buy via Apez
Media Screen (1M) Buy via Apez
Media Screen (10M) Buy via Apez
Media Screen (1S) Buy via Apez
Media Screen (10S) Buy via Apez
Meeting LightsBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Meeting Soapbox Buy via Apez
Memory GameBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Notecard emailer & achiveBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
NotetakerBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
Powerpoint viewer - copiable Buy via Apez
Powerpoint viewer - transferbale Buy via Apez
Scorecard Buy via Apez
SLickrshow viewer Buy via Apez
Spidergram planner Buy via Apez
Student Payer Buy via Apez
True-False quizzes Buy via Apez
Texture OrganiserBuy via XStreetSLBuy via Apez
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Products index
Assessment Tool
Assignment Noteboard
Autoplay System
Big Quiz Rezzer
Bullet Pointer
Cube of Fortune
DAB Radio
Data-display and spidergram planner
Evaluation Survey Tool
Grammar Quiz
Media Screen
Meeting Lights
Meeting Soapbox
Memory Game
Powerpoint viewers
SLickrshow viewer
True-False quizzes
Texture Organiser
URL Opener

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