meeting control lights in actionThis system is designed to allow meetings of just about any size to have an automated queuing system. It does have a few features that could be regarded as making it usable for controlling an mildly unruly meeting - for example it can be set to shush people speaking out of turn - but it is not primarily designed for this: for example it has no eject functions built in.

Below is reproduced the help card that is delivered with the system. This illustrates how to use it, as well as giving you a reference point if you buy one and lose the help card.

The meeting control lights are designed, similar to the soap box system, to let a moderator run a meeting. This system is designed to allow a meeting to run in a more genteel environment, sitting around a table with "call buttons" in front of each speaker to add them to the queue.

The buttons (there is only one in the box, but it is copiable) change colour based on position in the queue, and communicate with the server (one only of these), which maintains the list and keeps the speakers in order. Choosing the moderator is done by putting their name in the description field (Edit>General tab, second field down) which will allow anyone to moderate a given meeting.

Buttons are simply touch to register at the start of the meeting, then touch to turn on (join the queue) and touch again to turn off (leave the queue). The moderator's call to speak will also turn off the first person's light as they take the floor to speak. When the meeting is over (see below for moderator controls) ending the meeting will cancel any outstanding lights, and unregister them all.

menu displayIf the moderator touches the server they get this menu.

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