three prim viewerThere are quite a few variations on this theme around in SL, from the L$1 to the L$1,000 or more. I currently make three viewers - and although I describe them as powerpoint viewers, you can use them for just about any display you like to think of. Variations are in use which auto-advance through the display materials for advertising purposes for example.

The first of the viewers is 1 prim, and designed for use in a shared environment. You set up your slides in advance, drop in a notecard and it will play your slides in the order you define (many require the slides to be in alphanumeric order). The controller is available via a dialog box and locked to the current user (so people can't move your slides on in mid-presentation). When you finish, you release the controls, the next person drops in their notecard for their slides and off they go for their class or presentation.

The second of the viewers (pictured) is 3 prims and is more like the rest of the market. There's no way to order your slides save by their names, and there are large physical buttons to move forwards and backwards through the slides. You can, again, lock the display to you (just touch the main screen to toggle locked/open access) and there is an autoplay option which will move the slides on evenly if you want to use the viewer in this fashion.

Cattle Puppy ViewerThe third viewer is an evolution of the second style of viewer created in partnership with Cattle Puppy Productions and released with their blessing. This viewer allows you to store up to 12 different slide shows and easily choose between them. It also allows you to store up to 12 video streams and insert them into your presentation whenever you choose. Because the viewer includes the lectern, at which you "sit" there is no possibility of members of the audience disrupting your show in the middle.

I also make a completely new type of viewer, which I am calling the SLickrshow viewer. This lets you search Flickr™ and display the last 100 slides as a video stream. This viewer will be getting its own page with some technical details to describe it soon.

Why the plethora of viewers and styles of viewers? Well, they do similar things in slightly different ways, and the products that also compete in the market all add their own special variations on the theme. I have, very deliberately, aimed at the low prim market with two of these viewers. The third viewer was built to meet a specific set of requirements as closely as possible.

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