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Numbers at Work is a course aimed at undergraduates in non-numerate disciplines who are going to be facing a numerical reasoning test as part of their job application process. It covers some of the material in the GCSE Maths syllabus, focusing on those elements which are most likely to be part of these tests.

(Lies, damned lies and) statistics.Stats questionsStatistics answers
Estimation, multiplication, powers of 10 notation.Estimation, multiplication and powers of 10 questionsEstimation answers
Figures, charts, graphs.FCG questionsFCG answers
Using a calculator.Calculator questionsCalculator answers
Fractions, decimals and percentages, and division.FDP and division questionsFDP and division answers
Probability.Probability questionsProbability answers
Number and logic puzzles.Number and logic puzzle questionsNumber and logic puzzle answers

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-Stats quiz
-Stats answers
Estimation etc.
-Est. & mult. quiz
-Est. & mult. answers
Figures, charts and graphs
-FCG quiz
-Calculator quiz
-Calculator answers
FDP and division

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