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Check if agent is in simYou can use if(llKey2Name(some_key)!="") of course, but this is slow and sometimes gets child agents etc. For most occasions you can use if(llGetAgentInfo(some_key)!=0) although if the agent is standing still and has no attachments (how likely is THAT?) you can get false negatives.Helena Lycia
Searching lists or stringsNeed to just check if that item is in the list, or that substring is in the string: if(llListFindList(src, [item])+1) or if(llSubStringIndex(src, "term")+1) will give you TRUE if it exists anywhere, and FALSE if it's not there.Eloise Pasteur
Want to drag someone by an attachment?touch( integer fn_nDetected ) { llApplyImpulse( llDetectedGrab( 0 ), FALSE ); }Lillani Lowell
Need a vehicle that copes (reasonably) well with standing passengers?Try making the vehicle type balloon, play with buoyancy and seeHelena Lycia

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