Below is a list of SLURLS (Second Life URLs) for places to visit in Second Life™.

They are all educational locations, and the list is not exhaustive - if you'd like me to add your place to the list, feel free to let me know. There is a preponderance of Literature Alive! builds as these are builds I have been directly involved in creating.

Archetypal cavernExplore the concept of literary archetypes and the monomyth.
Dante's Inferno and Linden HillsA sim-wide build to teach Dante's Inferno and Linden Hills and to highlight the links between the two books. Half is professionally designed, half designed by students.
Drexel IslandExplore Drexel Island - animating chemical reactions and more.
GenomeLearn genetics in Second Life - repeat some of Mendel's experiments and play with the awesome llamas!
HeorotA build to mimic the setting of the oldest piece of English Literature.
House of Seven GablesAlthough literary, not for Literature Alive!
International Spaceflight MuseumA multi-sim build documenting space flight, including a trip into outer space.
Leeds Met (old building)Visit a faithful reproduction of a real building in Second Life and explore some familiar and some new ways to show art.
Literature Alive! HQHeadquarters of Literature Alive! A one-stop shop for educational resources.
NOAA's weather simExplore hurricane chasers, tsunamis and more weather related phenomena.
Poe HouseAimed at encouraging students to read the poems and stories of Edgar Allan Poe. How many different inspirations can you spot?
Virtual HallucinationsLearn about schizophrenia. This is one of the oldest educational builds in Second Life, and still stands up in a list of places to visit.
Willow SpringsA class-space for Mama Day, by Gloria Naylor.

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